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Author Topic: Gay Marriage BC Liberals
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posted 24 January 2005 11:59 PM      Profile for freshpolitiks     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
News: Ya'll know the BC Libs are hanging out with the Federal Conservatives pretty darn soon...everyone's gearing up for a anyone out there scared about this?

Here's my analysis:

The BC Libs are going to make gay marriage a provincial election issue...thereby shoring up the Indo-Canadian vote. Y'all caught the whole religious edict that came out of the Punjab marriage isn't too popular among Sikhs (or at least the head hancho back in the Punjab is telling everyone it's un-Sikh).

The Libs are taking a page from the political playbook of our friends down south.

Scary...but effective. I hope you NDP folks are taking notice of careful of what is essentially a baited trap to pull you into an election about gay marriage (don't go crazy on the protests, and prepare to frame the Liberals as irresponsible vote mongerers...playing with religion where it shouldn't be played with...looking at Republican tactics to win an election.

I'd love to see a government this election that isn't entirely one-sided.



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posted 25 January 2005 12:15 AM      Profile for Stockholm     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Your wasting your time with this red herring.
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Vansterdam Kid
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posted 26 January 2005 02:52 AM      Profile for Vansterdam Kid   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Welcome to Babble freshpolitiks, but you have a horrible sense of BC politics if you think the BC Liberals will take this up. Every poll shows that around 60% of BC'ers are in favour of SSM and only about 35% are opposed (and about 5% undecided) -- this is highest level of support outside of Quebec. So why exactly would the Liberals take this up?

The BC Liberals are right-wing, but they aren't all conservative. Now granted the conservatives within their midst are gaining prominence. But...BC politics are run on the basis of economic (Liberal 'strength') and social development (NDP strength) issues -- "moral issues" are not even in the cards at the provincial level. This is because the BC Liberals are a coalition that means that the liberals and conservatives won't get along properly if they take away from the real goal and that's keeping the big bad NDP out of Victoria. This was shown during Bill Vanderzalm’s reign where they tried to make it an issue and only succeded in helping drive the Social Credit’s liberal faction to the BC Liberal Party.

In the interior, where most of the competitive NDP-Liberal races will be where this could be an issue the Liberals are seen as too Vancouver centric. So that won't hurt the NDP. In the Fraser Valley the NDP won't have a realistic shot at winning anyways so who cares of the Liberals win with 50 or 60% there. And in Surrey during that by-election the Liberals tried to make it an issue by nominating Mary Polak, we all know that failed miserably. Therefore the BC NDP doesn't need to worry about this because it will not be an issue.

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