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Author Topic: NDP: Myths versus Facts
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posted 21 December 2004 11:31 PM      Profile for mr-trudo     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Considering we have some right wingers on this site, this should be a good debate and my call to action among NDP supporters.

I have so many beefs with the excuses people have why the NDP shouldn't be in government. I know some people value money over any sense of social responsibility and they are allowed to have their opinions but sometimes, there is just plain ignorance with the public preception the NDP gets.

First, the myth that the NDP is fiscally irresponsible. Why? Taxes are high. But taxes are spent on services people need and transfers that put money in people's pockets and their communities, not spent on foreign cars and vacations. As well, when many people drive Mercedes SUVs by working people lining up at the food bank, something is wrong. Wouldn't money be better off spend on food than on an extra feature on a car people never use?

When tax hikes for the rich are called anti-business and anti-wealth, then why isn’t tax cuts for the rich called anti-people? I know we are interconnect economically and that goes too far saying tax cuts are anti-people, but that is my point about tax hikes being anti-business. Taxes are there to interconnect society to make it more efficient for everyone. It seems to work, try living in poor low tax South America over wealthy high tax Northern Europe.

I am against communism, having a grandfather survive the gulag, which some people think the NDP is for communism/socialism despite agreeing most of it policies, admiring it's leaders, it's social justice or just more policies than they do with other parties. I think people need some modest incentives and usually the capitalist system works. Most New Democrats agree with me. You know, you can support private business and support public utilities and essential public services like auto insurance, which it is for many. You can also pay employs a living wage and people have the freedom of assembly to air any grivances to their employers, which are called Unions.

People aren’t going to flee Canada because taxes go up 2% on people’s income. Social democratic governments are in countries with the highest standards of living meaning they have wealth and businesses and it never happened by accident.

Then there is the big debt fiscal irresponsibility. You can point out Bob Rae's massive debts in Ontario. But nothing compares to Mulroney's even larger per-capita debts during the same time period and during good economic times of the 80s. Throw in Grant Devine's PCs in Saskatchewan and the next time you hear a Conservative talk about fiscal irresponsibility, it's like listening to a three-year-old talk about quantum physics.

They are corrupt. And the other parties aren't. For that matter, is any organization not prone to corruption? Name me one. Corporate corruption has occurred recently on a big scale, why hasn’t there been a call to ‘reduce the size of' corporations? Not to mention the media always gives preferential treatment to the corrupt activities of the mainstream right-leaning party while ignoring every other party only to ridicule them once they achieve power.

Last are some (not all) right-wingers who think everyone else is stupid and “can't deal with the truth”. What truth? How am I stupid? They never seem to explain that to me, never mind politely or with some depth to their arguments. Maybe it is because they can't deal with the truth... ooo.

Like Trudeau and thus like the Liberals? He was a New Democrat until his friend talked him into taking power as a Liberal a few short years before he became PM. The point? NDP is not fringe, it is not a vote wasted. They do win elections. Even federally, all they need is about 12% more of the popular vote from the Liberals and they are the most popular party in the country.

Ooo... I so needed to vent that.

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natural wonder
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posted 29 December 2004 11:37 PM      Profile for natural wonder     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
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NDP Newbie
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posted 30 December 2004 12:09 PM      Profile for NDP Newbie     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I think it hurts our image that Manitoba and Sask are not seriously considering electoral reform and that NDP governments in Sask and B.C. went with regressive sales taxes as to more progressive taxation mechanisms.
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posted 01 January 2005 08:53 AM      Profile for Hephaestion   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post
Originally posted by NDP Newbie:
I think it hurts our image that Manitoba and Sask are not seriously considering electoral reform and that NDP governments in Sask and B.C. went with regressive sales taxes as to more progressive taxation mechanisms.

Whaaaat??? But...but... Gary Doer represents a New Way!

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