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Author Topic: Holy free market, batshit, lets haggle!
Brian White
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posted 06 October 2008 03:45 PM      Profile for Brian White   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
As we all know, lots of people bow down to the mathematical god of the perfect holy free market.
And it is SO beautiful. All these economic transactions made in exact knowelege of the true worth and value of each transaction.
Yeah but.
When I go to a supermarket, there is stuff on sale and there is stuff not on sale. Always at the discression of the store owner.
I never have any input into the pricing decisions.
Thats horseshit if it is really a free market.
Look at that crap merchandice that isn't selling. Why can I not get it cheap now when I want it?
Its not selling now so it should be dirt cheap.
Thats a fukin holy free market law.
They are breakin a free market LAW by not selling that shit cheap!
But no, they wait until it is a few days from the expiry date and then put it on sale so you are getting stale crap rather than just regular crap.
We consumers should organize ourselves to compete on an even standing with the bluddy supermarkets.
Lets boycot some product at walmart for a week to see if they put it on sale. And if they dont, lets add another product! The stick and stick approach! In that week get that product just from superstore so that they order in tonnes more replacement stock and then suddenly we go somewhere else until THEY have to put it on sale or lose it.
Lets be MEAN to those almost monopoly suppliers.
No wondor the economy is going down the shitter.
Its because numbnuts that owns saveon is breaking the devine LAW of the HOLY FREE MARKET
What you think?

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