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Author Topic: Just who IS bullying Caledonians into silence?
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posted 18 September 2006 11:29 PM      Profile for saga   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post
Caledonia group condemns harassment

In this previous news release, it was reported that Jan Watson, Caledonia founder of CommUNITY Friends for Peace and Understanding with Six Nations, was harassed and threatened by other Caledonians for her support of Six Nations.

Here's her update:
"I just had a call from the OPP and they are not willing to charge anyone for what happened to me when I was swarmed and threatened. Their reason is that there is no "belief" that the threats would be carried out. (I guess my house being hit twice each time immediately following one of the people that threatened me.... does not count???) They FORGOT to take my statement on my house being hit (in all actuality they refused to put the hits to my house in the report saying it was not to do with the swarming) so the crown did not see any evidence that the threats were ever carried out????

Try to tell me that was not deliberate??? I freaked out on the OPP today and have now demanded the statement be taken of the incidents at the house and that the crown re-evaluate when ALL evidence is before them... Had that been natives, just the swarming alone would have been enough for them to lay arrests...UNFRIGGIN believable!! And Gary (McHale caledoniawakeupcall rallyguy) says its a two tiered system.. he is right the scale is tipped over towards the white instigators!!

Wonder if he will post this news update on his website....
if so I want financial compensation for my time and he can make cheque payable to the reclamation site please


So ... who is kicking a door leaving a perfect sneaker footprint, leaving obscenely threatening phone calls,swarming, threatening a Caledonia Six nationssupporter with weapons ... etc. Are they the same people? Do the OPP know for sure they are not? How do they know for sure?
Just who IS bullying Caledonians into silence? Some other residents for sure have shouted every peaceful person down.


So ... on October 15 there will be a multi-faceted rally in Caledonia. I call it a NEGOTIATION NOW!! rally. I think that appeals to a lot of people. The government is slower than need be, sidetracking itself. Hold the governments' toes to the fire ... make them tell us the truths that they already know... about the Haldimand Tract ... about the need for settlements for occupied areas!

And supportiing negotiations is much more polite and Canadian than McHales "racial profiling" idea, which is itself so twisted he keeps forgetting who he is not rallying against.

But hey! He's coming too! The date was his idea ...
Come early ... to watch the "racial profiling" sideshow arrive!

Be counted standing up for:

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posted 20 September 2006 12:03 PM      Profile for saga   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post
The purpose of the Six Nations reclamation is to reclaim land taken illegally, specifically the Haldimand Tract.

Theft of land by colonial powers was a worldwide phenomenon.

It is nice to hear stories like this of the trend reversing upon itself.

"Shock" Federal Court ruling gives aborigines title to Perth, Australia

Apparently Melbourne and Sydney are likewise under claim.

CommUNITY Friends of Six Nations stands with them in demanding efficient and fair negotiations in which Canadian governments recognize existing "aboriginal rights and aboriginal titles" as protected by the Constitution of Canada (1982).

If all aboriginal claims are handled in an efficient and timely and fair manner, Canadians can look forward to:
- the immediate establishment of MANY greenbelt areas that will not be available for sprawl development.
- a necessary (rather than voluntary ... which doesn't happen!) change in focus for developers from greenfields to brownfields, infill development, etc., enhancing the livability of our cities.
- sustainable fuel and power developments and other initiatives for environmental preservation
- enrichment of culture in those areas
- lifting many Indigenous communities out of poverty, to sustainable independence.
- many many more advantages!!

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posted 20 September 2006 12:16 PM      Profile for USP        Edit/Delete Post
Hey saga, how many times can you sell the same piece of land? BTW, being as you were basically all Americans who fought along side the crown and were offered this land in payment, I take issue to the constant whinning that the you are natives. By very definition you are not native to southern Ontario. Hey even alot of your own six nations people have openly disagreed that your rights to the sold land have any merit. It was legally sold off almost 200 years ago, why did you wait so long to bitch? Or did you find it important to complain after it had been developed and was then worth money?

Contrary to what you might think seizing land and terrorizing local residents meets the definition of terrorism and you should be treated as such.

Peoples collective guilt should not blind them to the fact that you already had your day in court, and lost. I would argue that some natives were treated unfairly and had land appropriated from them, this is not the case here in six nations.

It makes me all warm and fuzzy when I drive past your little barricade at douglas creek and see that youve set up satelite tvs in the homes youve occupied.

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posted 20 September 2006 12:28 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Well, USP's visit was a short one.

I'm also moving this to the Aboriginal Issues forum.

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