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Author Topic: Prince Charles warns world against grey goo
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posted 01 May 2003 12:58 AM      Profile for rasmus   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

That is the catch with nanotechnology: you cannot see it, so you cannot know how afraid you should be. But if Prince Charles is any guide, environmentalists should be very afraid indeed.

The prince has raised the spectre of the "grey goo" catastrophe in which sub-microscopic machines designed to share intelligence and replicate themselves take over and devour the planet.

The City's Salmon pages weigh in

The venerable British society journal, Popbitch, says:


Is Prince Charles a stoner or what?
When you're scared of nanobots, you're high

Prince Charles has been sounding off about
"Grey Goo" - a fear of fast-replicating
nanobots which could take over the entire planet.

"It shows a complete disconnection from reality",
says Sir Harry Kroto, who won the Nobel Prize
for Chemistry in 1996.

What's causing this paranoid psychosis? Could it
be that the rumours we've been hearing about HRH
are true - Charles smokes weed?

Think about it - a disconnection from reality,
bizarre obsessions (GM food, grey-goo, modern
buildings), an interest in Eastern mysticism,
talking to plants, and his own farms to ensure a
constant supply of high quality munchies.
Suddenly it all makes sense.

And so on. If you google "grey goo" and "Prince Charles", you'll see Fleet Street is getting some mileage out of it.

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posted 01 May 2003 02:08 AM      Profile for Doug   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
What if the grey goo destroys all the modern architecture he hates? He should praise the grey goo!
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posted 01 May 2003 02:11 AM      Profile for TommyPaineatWork     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Is anyone checking the colour of his urine?Porphyria

All cases of porphyria are associated with a large increase in the excretion of pathway intermediates and because many of these intermediates are colored, this may lead to the production of highly pigmented urine.

It was thought that George III suffered from porphyria. The cause can be both genetic and environmental-- usually lead poisoning, in that case.

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