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Author Topic: Berenson in for long-term remorse?
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posted 19 February 2002 12:44 AM      Profile for Croesus_Krept   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Take a look at the Berenson woman's predicament:

What do you think will happen?

On a similar same tangent (to get you thinking),
I recently read that Patty Hearst was called to
testify against the SLA, who "brainwashed" her
after her kidnapping. In my opinion, I
think Patty shows herself to be a typically
small American-pie personality by being so
aggressive in her condemnations... She would have
been a larger heart, and more honest to admit
that those people simply influenced her, and she
went along voluntarily with their plans, and that
what they "did-to-her" did no intrinsic harm.
If you try anything that doesn't fit in --
"society" will immediately force your
recantation so you can be rebrainwashed to pursue
the correct socio-economic paradigms: after going
on the lamb, most of the SLA became ordinary
family people... And when interviewed recently,
the former SLA members, now on trial, said that
they regretted their rebellion very much. But
why couldn't they live without fear, and say,
instead: "I have no regrets for what I
did -- because at that time, I really believed in
what I was doing."
Because, I am sure
that's what a German or an Italian ex-terrorist
would say -- but not an American... Why?
Because the demand for subtle social homogeneity
is over-powering in America.

As for Berenson, when she turns 46, and the
Peruvians let her out, what is she going to say?
"Oh, I regret my participation..." But if they
let her go next month, after Bush's visit, she's
much more likely to say something like: "I really
did want to help the poor peasants of Peru, and
whether I am guilty or not, it's obvious the
present government does not..."

Interesting how people are likely to change, isn't it..?

How now, sweet Janus? Where art thy mind gone
...Lying low -- beneath the tender vines of your insuperable fear?"


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