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Author Topic: Rumsfield- babe magnet for the 70 year old set
Terry J
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posted 13 February 2002 04:25 AM      Profile for Terry J     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
No this story is not from SatireWire

From: Canoeklestan | Registered: Jan 2002  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 478

posted 13 February 2002 09:29 AM      Profile for skdadl     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Terry J, I almost didn't make it past the intro. My breakfast was rebelling; I was having Henry Kissinger flashbacks ... and sure enough, there it was, the old "Power is an aphrodisiac" line. Gag me with a spoon.

But this is an excellent article. I urge people to read on. This para matters:

A new report from the Project on Defense Alternatives, "Operation Enduring Freedom: Why a Higher Rate of Civilian Bombing Casualties," contradicts Rumsfeld's claim. The report notes that the number of civilians killed by U.S. bombs in Afghanistan to date is at least 900 to 1,500, a figure two to three times as high as the civilian casualty rate during the NATO bombing campaign in Kosovo. In Afghanistan, the fatality rate per bomb dropped is four times higher than in Kosovo. Reasons cited for the higher civilian death rate included a greater percentage of unguided bombs used in Afghanistan, the targeting of residential areas in efforts to hit Taliban leadership, and "reliance on intelligence from local sources who were at times less than trustworthy."

And this:

President Bush's recent announcement that he will seek a $48 billion increase in Pentagon spending this year confirms what had long been suspected: notions of military reform have taken second place to the "needs" of weapons contractors, military bureaucrats, and members of Congress from militarily -- dependent states and districts. But don't expect the "straight-talking" Mr. Rumsfeld to admit that.

And this:

Suggestions that Rumsfeld may have cut a deal to help an old buddy (not to mention the company that employs our current president's father) have been met with the argument that Don Rumsfeld just doesn't do that kind of thing.

In other words, that apparently-sexy-to-some Rumsfeld "straight talk" translates into Canadian as "blowhard."

From: gone | Registered: May 2001  |  IP: Logged
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posted 13 February 2002 10:50 AM      Profile for ronb     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
New York Times fashion reporter Ginia Belafonte argued that "the post-Sept. 11 world has caused a certain kind of woman to reevaluate what she is looking for in a man. She has seen the valiant efforts of rescue workers and remarked to herself that men like Donald Rumsfeld make big, impactive decisions in the time it would take any of her exes to order lunch."

That word "impactive" pretty much sums up "Rumsfeldmania". Made-up-etive. Illiteratish. Bullshitful.

This guy has been laughing it up on TV over the death and destruction raining from the sky onto one of the world's most devastated areas for months now. Even Kissinger never sank so low as to publicly guffaw about the blood he was shedding.

From: gone | Registered: Jan 2002  |  IP: Logged

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