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Author Topic: babble upgrade!
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posted 24 December 2001 08:09 AM      Profile for willwong   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

babble has been upgraded to the newest UBB ( One thread had to be deleted because it was corrupt. I hope it won't be missed

Also since audra is enjoying her holiday break, I've made all forums read only, so no new topics or replies can be posted. babble will be back for business on December 31!

Please contact me directly if you notice any problems from this upgrade.

- Will

Here are the contents of what was left of the deleted thread:

||||1Z||000001||amethist||06-17-2001||01:14 PM||||Ahhh, back to the basics. We're talking about "What is human nature anyway?" -- Sounds like one of Dr. Conway's sociology classes! In a nutshell, it is a combination of biology and culture ...

I was active - VERY active - in organizing demonstrations against the first Canada-U.S. FTA, Brian Mulroney, Grant Devine, etc. I was arrested a couple of times at sit-ins, I was president of the students' union, I was in the womens' movement, I worked for organized labour. This was all while I had two young children.

I got tired of it. Very tired of it. Tired of internecine battles, of endless meetings, of getting home from classes and more meetings to put my kids to bed and realize I hadn't visited the washroom in 12 hours - that sort of thing.

I was tired of there always seeing the same old people out at demonstrations, and that nothing seemed to get better, that the government always laughed at us or if they couldn't laugh any more then they just jail us. Tired of getting the media to take us seriously.

But still I hold my convictions, especially the conviction that we must DO SOMETHING or the world will go to hell in a handbasket (another old expression) and I will have done nothing to stop it.

Now, ten years later, having tried to hold a "normal" job as a corporate communicator, and STILL getting home to feed the kids, take them to soccer games, put them to bed, and realize I haven't visited the washroom in 12 hours, I find I am even MORE tired of letting these guys get away with it than I was of fighting against them. I just have more money now.

But I think I'm going about it a little differently. I have become active with the PTA (shocked the hell outta my kids) and organized TV Turnoff week activities through there. I don't work as a corporate communicator any more, I am trying to figure out what I can do with an M.A. in Social Studies that is self-actualizing and doesn't contribute to the problems of the world.

What's that song - "Got some credit in the straight world".

But I still fee the urge to do something more, to put my body on the line, to push the limits a little further. The issue that lights a fire under my ass these days is the environment, even though I realize that all the groups/issues I have been involved with are connected. Education comes a close second.

I don't know where I'm heading with this post except to say that in the affluent "straight" world where I live, people who are not politically active, are looking for security. When I lived in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, people were struggling to survive and/or escape from their existence through drugs and alcohol. Keep in mind these are broad generalizations, but if people feel their personal (financial, physical, whatever) security is at stake, they will act in some way. So you have to start where people are at, have compassion, and realize

it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

I don't think that really answers the question at the top of this thread, except to say that, yes, the "left" maybe needs to show more compassion, overall. And have less goddamned meetings. ||||reg||||amethist||00000323||no

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