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Author Topic: Another cat story
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posted 25 April 2003 08:48 AM      Profile for lagatta     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Saw this in the Globe's little "Social Studies" titbits today, about tigers and a painting of another. Oddly, my black housecat Renzo reacted the same way to a very realistic photo poster of a black cat I put up by my desk:

Scaredy cats

In the San Francisco Zoo, an oil painting of a long-dead Siberian tiger has spooked two live Siberian cats, Tony and Emily, into submission, reports The Chronicle newspaper. "It's their instinct to feel threatened by another tiger," said keeper Linda Caratti. "They just haven't figured out it's a picture." She said the two tigers' eyes bulge out, their mouths hang open and their ears rear back whenever they see the painting -- a portrait of Sedova, a wildly popular Siberian tiger that died at the zoo in 1992 after a 19-year reign. The tigers first saw the popular painting last year when they were moved to a new cage during renovations. Ms. Caratti, who originally gave the 11-year-old siblings 30 days to get used to the portrait, has covered it with a dropcloth.

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posted 25 April 2003 09:40 AM      Profile for nonsuch     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
That's funny.
Maybe house-cats are more intelligent than tigers? Or just more used to weird man-made artefacts?
Every cat i've known was hostile to, and/or curious about, the cat in a mirror when they first encountered it, but soon (two or three days, at most) figured out that it's not real. Because it doesn't have a smell, and doesn't respond to sound, probably. The cat in a picture doesn't even move, so they ought to dismiss it even faster than a reflection.

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