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Author Topic: earth day of mourning.
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posted 22 April 2003 12:54 PM      Profile for redshift     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
i would suggest that in light of the recent loss we have all sustained at the hands of corporate global governance, we attend an earth day of mourning.
attend an earth day event in mourning, for all the victims and those slated to die through our neglect. all of us must acknowledge our relationship and responsibility before any true healing can begin environmentally, or socially.
anyone else see a possible attack on the Canadian medicare system thru SARS and now the appeareance of supposed plague in Tacoma. the system is being drained of more capital thru the withdrawal peoples health and lives. It is inevitable that our poor will be the victims of any epidemic.
It is wonderfully insane to hear economists cry crocodile tears, while they drive drug and treatment costs ever higher.Private health care demands the maximum profit , not the healthiest population.That's an important distinction, and one anyone with an investment portfolio with health care for profit should consider.
There are horrid little eddies in the fluctuations of global power, and a flex of amerikan aggression would be entirely in accord with yankee diplomacy. Canada incidentally , but China primarily are optimum sites for strategic biological strikes following our recent intransigence. An economically massive impact, pre-weakening and destabilizing social structures and lowering expectations. econo-terrorism with social impact as target.
Mourning could well be the rule rather than the exception for some time to come.
invest in a future, make a change in'05.

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posted 22 April 2003 02:00 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
This message is serious, which doesn't really fit the "babble banter" nonsensical mandate.

Moving this to the Activism forum.

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