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Author Topic: BrownTimes
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posted 24 March 2003 08:10 PM      Profile for Hawkins     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Its a friends site, and its quite funny.

Please though read the disclaimer before attacking the guy.

Before you start reading!

All the Brown Time essays and this site was created for humour only. If you are offended by racist jokes then DO NOT READ anything on this site. The basic purpose of this site is to laugh AT racism, not with it. The best way to defeat stereotypes is to show the world we aren't afraid of making fun of them. Stereotypes only exist because of ignorance. The more we educate the less ignorant people we have. This is my way of defeating making fun of ignorant people.

One of my friends researched some of my Brown Time essays for school and noticed the amount of literacy devices. Hell, I even didn't know it had that many. Apparently my friend Naz said his teacher loved the essay and thought it was suprisingly deep. Go figure eh?

I am not a racist. I am looking at the society through a brown's point of view. Most of the jokes about the other races were pretty much chipped in by my other coloured friends (Especially the Oriental jokes...thanks Nipper!)

I love all colours. White, black, yellow or brown. They're all good in my books. With that being said...enjoy the site.

So now you are prepared:

I highly suggest starting with the Brown Time Articles and the movie reviews.. Some of the other stuff may not be so funny, if you dont know hamzah.

This is from a Brown teenagers perspective so if you do not think you are able to distiguish between racism and humour then I don't advise you go to the site.

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