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Author Topic: Baker Panel Recommendations on Iraq
jeff house
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posted 12 October 2006 12:13 PM      Profile for jeff house     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
James Baker was asked by Bush to create a panel of wise men to figure a way out of Iraq. Baker was his father's most important counsellor, and was influential in Bush's first Florida election "win".

So, his recommendations are extremely important.

Instead, the commission is headed toward presenting President Bush with two clear policy choices that contradict his rhetoric of establishing democracy in Iraq. The more palatable of the two choices for the White House, "Stability First," argues that the military should focus on stabilizing Baghdad while the American Embassy should work toward political accommodation with insurgents. The goal of nurturing a democracy in Iraq is dropped.

Political accomodation with the more democracy for Iraq...

Maybe Saddam Hussein is available.

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posted 12 October 2006 02:55 PM      Profile for Noise     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
no more democracy for Iraq

America and it's policies within Iraq and Afghanistan... including Canada within Afghanistan... Works with one exceedingly ignorant assumption that this report finally shows them questioning. And the ignorant assumption is drilled so deeply within most of us that we don't question it at all. Our values are universal values. There is nothing greater to aspire to and once others realize how truly superior our values are, they'll jump at the opportunity to lose their own. We go into Iraq, establish our Democracy and our values, and voila! Parties held in the stree to celebrate our victorious values, old rivals hugging one another knowing that they've finally acheived the greatest set of values possible... Our values, the universal values.

I won't get into how dangerous it is to know in your heart that you're values are the best it gets with nothing to aspire too ^^ We cling to old fashioned gov't institutions invented hundreds of years ago and religious messages thousands of years old because we know our culture, our values, and our very way of life is universally the best it gets. Ever think we'll wake up to our superiority complex, realize we're not at the top and have a long ways yet to go on a road that could never end? A key point that evolution will point us too... We are not at the top of any chain, just a step along the way.

The same overwhelming assuption is used within Afghanistan that we don't question. Our values are so superior to theirs that once we get a democracy in there, Afghani peoples will live in perfect freedom for the rest of their days ^^

This is the first sign I've seen come forth from the US that seems to be questioning this dumb assumption. A Democracy in no way means freedom, peace, security, and wealth like we somehow ultimately think without questioning.

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