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Author Topic: Who is Rove & why is he working for Evangelical Radicals with a bomb.
BlueBerry Pick'n
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posted 19 April 2006 06:22 PM      Profile for BlueBerry Pick'n   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Canadians are AGAINST religion & POLITICS cross-pollinating. Personally, I feel as strongly against the genetic tinkering of foodstuffs & Monsanto seed lawsuits, but hey, that's just me.. I'm funny that way.

So who is Rove: Rove grew up in post-war Mormon-ia, ...

has his own PBS special on how he took over the WhiteHouse & Republican party... fundraising...

& tied relations to Evangelical fanatics...

is now
free to work full-time on the 2006 Congressional Election.

right. Mr.Scandal & Dissemination ... hum... Checks & Balances at our neighbour's house? nope. But I don't like my PM hanging out with bad kids in the neighbourhood.

even better, they have a new bomb project they're working on in Nevada. Too heavy to drop as a conventional weapon... but handy-dandy as a nuclear strike...

against IRAN... hey, let's get wild & call a Dantian farce theatric threat to Canada?... hey, call me paranoid, but these guys are unstable or just plain pharmaceutically handled.

LOOK at the man... ...just look at the bunch of them, its like a bad 80s Thriller film

There are PhD dissertations that dealt with the responsibilities of the medical staff who prop up unfit Charismatic Leaders.

People pilloried & harried Leni Riefenstahl... but we don't hold Fox accountable in Canada.

I'm not asking for censorship, or maybe I'm just asking for Canada to stand up against CorporateMedia & declare that they DON'T promote NEWS but propaganda. Its not art. Its not News. Its false advertising, not a freedom of speech issue! its a bloody corporation not a person.

We're taking social cues from Survivor?? We have our Social instruction from Mark Burnett, The Donald & Fox Entertainment looking down their noses because a Canadian tycoon steals from fellow rich investors...

We have to make our stand as individual citizens to protect our Canadian freedoms, only bought by protest & economic measures of independence from the US.

I think we should pull their CRTC license.

protest while we can.

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