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Author Topic: Berlin Launches Its Own Currency
Willowdale Wizard
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posted 04 June 2004 11:50 AM      Profile for Willowdale Wizard   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
naturally, it's called the berliner.

So far some 45 city stores have said they will accept it, the Green League environmental group, which organises the scheme, said on Thursday.

The German capital, struggling with an 18 percent jobless rate and still reeling from the collapse of a post-reunification property boom, is a tough place for retailers and "For rent" signs in empty shop windows are an increasingly common sight.

From September, Berlin will be the first major German city to embrace the idea following some 50 smaller communities around the country which have already introduced their own money to keep wealth in the area for the benefit of the local population.

No commission will be charged on buying "Berliners" but when changing them back into euros, five percent of face value will go to community projects, such as after-school child-care groups and local bicycle lending schemes.

From: england (hometown of toronto) | Registered: Jan 2003  |  IP: Logged
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posted 04 June 2004 12:14 PM      Profile for spatrioter     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I remember hearing years ago that they were trying to expand a similar program across Toronto - the "Toronto Dollar". I believe it started in the St. Lawrence area. You would give them one Canadian dollar in return for one Toronto dollar. Then you go to a list of participating businesses, and use the Toronto dollar as you would a regular dollar. But when the businesses exchange the Toronto dollar for Canadian dollars, they would receive 90 cents back and 10 cents would go towards community projects.
From: Trinity-Spadina | Registered: Mar 2002  |  IP: Logged
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posted 04 June 2004 03:34 PM      Profile for Eauz   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Wait, when I was there in 2002, they had a beer called the "Berliner", or at least I thought so...
From: New Brunswick, Canada | Registered: Sep 2002  |  IP: Logged
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posted 04 June 2004 06:26 PM      Profile for lagatta     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Any person, beastie, product or thing from Berlin is a Berliner - including the notorious jelly-filled doughnut JFK called himself, according to rumour (though other grammar sites said one can use the article for a human being.

Of course, a woman, female animale or feminine thing is a Berlinerin.

I know people currently living in Berlin - they say the post-unification economic woes also make the cost of living there most reasonable (in terms of housing especially) for a major European city.

From: Se non ora, quando? | Registered: Apr 2002  |  IP: Logged
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posted 04 June 2004 06:47 PM      Profile for al-Qa'bong   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Should we be concerned?

If other German communities decide to adopt currencies of their own, German unity may very well come apart, and we'll see a multitude of loosely federated tiny states that are part of no single polity.

Having a fragmented Central Europe could cause unforseen instability over the whole continent, with ramifications that could extend around the globe.

From: Saskatchistan | Registered: Feb 2003  |  IP: Logged

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