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Author Topic: Dear Judy
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posted 20 April 2006 08:49 PM      Profile for Gary   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post
Audra and I were at your house once. As her father I spoke to her about leaving a bit of a mess on your coffee table. I said to her "You're not at home."

Your reply, "Yes she is."

Funny how things have changed. Babble was also her home.

I remember the night of the election and I called her around midnight to ask how she felt about the results. She could only talk for a minute because the boards were going crazy and she felt that her place was there.

Her place IS there.

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posted 20 April 2006 08:59 PM      Profile for StockwellDay     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Careful Gary,

On a thread a couple hours ago I posted this:

"Reflecting over the Audra story the past week, and seeing that many progressive people have left this board for the refugee site, I thought I would take this opportunity to become a conservative.

I had learned a lot from the people whose hearts are on their left. And now I look forward to advancing in a different direction with the knowledge gained from people who proudly stated to grieving babblers that Audra deserved to be fired during the greatest personal crisis of her adult life.

I've read the rules, and there don't seem to be any against posting as a conservative, but let me know if I'm mistaken.

Kisses and Hugs,

Stockwell Day "

I thought it was a fairly funny joke.

But it was followed by:

Babbler # 7007            

"Sorry if I'm feeding he who must not be fed, but I think everyone on both sides has agreed that it is time to let go."

And then the thread was closed.

It's been decided that everyone is ready to let this thing go. Anyone who feels otherwise, no matter how long they've been a member of babble, is a troll.

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posted 20 April 2006 09:06 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
No, that's not what's been decided. What's been decided is that we are going to discuss this in the rabble reactions forum, in the threads that are already going on this issue instead of having threads all over the place about it. And it's in response to the spamming last week. Those who are participating in this forum now do not wish to have many threads on the same subject all over the place.

Gary, Judy does the column, and I understand your reason for posting this here rather than e-mailing her with it. And as Audra's dad, I understand why you'd want to have your say openly. I hope you'll understand why I'm going to move this to rabble reactions. Judy will see it there (in fact, I'll e-mail her, bringing it to her attention) and it will still be an open letter. But I would really like to keep these threads together in one forum.

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