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Author Topic: Maurice Strong /Bob Rae Kyoto slush fund ?
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posted 28 October 2006 09:34 AM      Profile for Centerfield        Edit/Delete Post
Follow the money

If you have a concern about Mo Strong and Power Corp, et al it may pay you to spend a few minutes tracing the connections of Paul Desmarais and Power Corp. to the leading politicians, etc, of Canada. This association explains the Kyoto pact:

JOHN RAE: leading strategist for Prime Minister Chretien's election campaign. Was Executive Vice- President of Power Corp. and Paul Desmarais' right-hand man. His brother is....

BOB RAE: ex-NDP [Socialist] Premier of Ontario, who appointed....

MAURICE STRONG (his god father)to the chairmanship of Ontario Hydro, which he proceeded to dramatically cut in both skilled human resources and generating capacity [to provide a future need for power from James Bay] Past CEO of Desmarais' Power Corp., Strong received an appointment to the UN as senior environmental advisor to the UN Secretary-General and Chairman of the Earth Council. HE was responsible for the Kyoto accords.
More on Moe Strong:

PAUL MARTIN: current federal Finance Minister. Rose through the ranks at Power Corp., mentored by Paul Desmarais. Bought Canada Steamship Lines
from him. Ran against Chretien for Liberal Party leadership.

JEAN CHRETIEN: Prime Minister. Daughter, France, is married to Andre Desmarais, son of Paul Desmarais, chairman of Power Corporation. Chretien's "advisor, counsellor and strategist" for the past 30 years has been ...

MITCHELL SHARP, who brought Chretien into politics when he was Finance Minister. Sharp has been, since 1981, Vice-Chairman for North America of the corporate globalist Tri-Lateral Commission.

DANIEL JOHNSON: Liberal [and Opposition] leader in Quebec Rose through the ranks of Power Corp. Key in delivering federal spending to Quebec based Power Corp. and other corporate welfare cases in the province

BRIAN MULRONEY: ex-Conservative Prime Minister. Now a lawyer and lobbyist for Power Corporation which, together with Ontario Hydro and Hydro Quebec, has just formed the Hong Kong-based ASIA POWER CORP., to help China to develop its energy potential. Power Corp.'s legal interests in Asia will be handled by a Hong Kong branch of Mulroney's Montreal law firm, Olgilvy, Renault.

PIERRE TRUDEAU: past PM and former Power Corp. lawyer. Introduced into the company by his father who had business connections to Desmarais. PET signed over millions to Power Corp. under federal grant programs. Desmarais funded his election campaign.

So...we have the CONSERVATIVE party [via Mulroney], the LIBERAL party [via Trudeau and Chretien], and the NDP [via Rae] all tightly connected to....Paul Desmarais and Power Corp. And we have the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and the Prime Minister's key aide all tightly connected to....Paul Desmarais and Power Corp.

We now see the Power Corp. key alumnus in the UN Kyoto deal which so coincidentally benefits the (largely unpublicized) business interests of
Desmarais alumnus. Maurice Strong has now joined Brian Mulroney and Paul Desmarais in investing in the Asia Power Group's $100 million venture capital in "small coal-fired power plants being built in the south of China". They are also
looking at "larger projects in northern China, as well as in Malaysia, the Philippines and India." The Asian economies are expected to spend $1 trillion [US] on essential infrastructure, of which an estimated $400 billion [US] will be on power generation. Chinese and Asian labour costs are low - as low, in China, as $45 per month - and potential profits are enormous.

The Nov/Dec. 1993 issue of Council on Foreign Relations' publication FOREIGN RELATIONS contains an article, THE RISE OF CHINA, in which we are
warned that China will begin to use more energy than the United States within a few decades, massively straining the world's energy supplies. If you were a power company investment magnet where would you place your future fortunes? In a nation wracked with environmental paranoia or a
developing, unregulated energy hungry industrial giant? China is gearing up to be the world's dominant manufacturing power. Most of China's energy comes from the burning of soft, high-sulphur, highly- polluting coal. In 1991 alone, 11 trillion cubic meters of waste gases and sixteen million tons of soot were emitted into the atmosphere over China - and it has only just begun its long process of increased energy generation! The sulphur in this coal causes acid rain. The burning of the coal releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the most efficient "greenhouse gas" in the global warming process.

There are indications that Strong , Desmarais and their crones (under ghost corporate affiliates) are behind the current rash of buying of low grade coal mines in depressed nations to fuel these projects. But this is yet to be fully substantiated. Who would invest so massively in low grade coal when it was targeted as Kyoto taboo commodity?

Maybe someone who knew in advance they would be able to burn it with out regulation in China? Green house fears bottomed out the price of these coal purchases.

If it can be used for power generating fuel, you stand to have a very inexpensive fuel source. China continues to burn coal in it's power
production unregulated by Kyoto.

Now the real hook. You remember Maurice Strong? Desmarais' familiar and corporate confidante, ex Power boss, major investor in 3rd world coal fired energy enterprise? Well Maurice ended up appointed to the UN as head advisor to the UN Secretary-General on environmental affairs Is this irony? He was campaigned for that position
by Canada's PM's and diplomats. As such, he called a little multi national conference called Kyoto! Maurice and his friend Jean Chretien wrote and signed an agreement which effectively
will destroy their pal Desmarais' chief energy competitor (Alberta Nat Gas) and gave Power Corp investment in China coal/energy an enormous competitive advantage.

Anyone who thinks this as mere coincidence is unaware of the networking of internatinal corporate elites. This revelation makes it clear the Kyoto earth summit was a vehicle used by corporate (Strong/Chretien) bag men to create a huge global shift in power generation profits. They were backed by one of the worlds most
devious businessmen.

Oh, and Paul Desmarais? In September, 1993, he joined the Tri-lateral Commission. He spearheaded the Tri-lat initiative of promoting a Kyoto-like conference over concerns for the planet from carbon emissions produced by the DEVELOPED NATIONS.

The Cockeyed Optimist.
And you thought it was all about saving the planet? For whom?

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posted 28 October 2006 09:46 AM      Profile for remind     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Bob Rae, is not NDP, so their the writer is wrong there. Nor do I believe her ever was.

Plus, having known all that was stated in the article for many years now, I worry way more about Harper's ties to the greatest threat to the world other than polution, although they too are tied right into it. The Bush regime and the Republican Party.

From: "watching the tide roll away" | Registered: Jun 2004  |  IP: Logged
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posted 28 October 2006 03:36 PM      Profile for Centerfield        Edit/Delete Post
Ya I agree,Bob Rae has always been a Liberal Imo.

How the hell does Maurice Strong get so well connected?

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happy go leftie (Red Tory)
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posted 28 October 2006 06:31 PM      Profile for happy go leftie (Red Tory)        Edit/Delete Post
You need to do more research before you come out slamming with such a blatantly misleading blog from the Right wing, based on such spurious U.S. right wing idelogues as it’s source!

Right, like Power Corp is the evil empire that rules the world? This old 'news' (very full of it), was on McVety's (Canada’s Christian Right, Harper Conservatives, obsessor & prime CR candidate recruiter) website for years, and he has direct ties 'to the Cheney - Repubican discredit everyone that gets in your way Party'. Kings of the 'spin to destroy your enemies' propaganda from hell.

Anything that is promoted by this bunch as ‘truth’, does not pass the any semblance of the smelliest test. Operator in Cheney's office caught with ‘special discrediting propaganda’ that was sent to the Philippines in an attempt to overthrow the Orroyo government, and an operative was caught in the Philippines, red handed with the ‘twisted junk files’ given to the proven bad guys in opposition to stage a coup against her (Gloria Orroyo).

McVety has close ties to the Republicans and all of this dastardly misinformation industry.

If this twisted information you are now citing was on McVety’s website long before 2005, I wouldn’t give the whole story the time of day for a single instant. These are the masters of ‘get their abusive way’ manipulators.

Also, noted on CNN last night, the WH has made it their goal to get rid of all governments world-wide who do not support their interests. What the ‘big oil’, pollute at will, multinational corporate free reign world-wide, take over wherever possible any governments in the world that oppose their agenda? That’s where all the big money is that wants to ‘destroy Kyoto’ at any cost. BIG OIL, and the Multinationals who own nearly everything, and are the world's capitalist threat.

Next you’ll say Al Gore is anti-environment, and in on this vast liberal conspiracy. Bull crap. Well what do you know, they did that too! Now Al Gore is a Climate Change conspiracist too?

Your attempt here is to discredit all NDP, liberal, everyone on the left of the Extremist Right and anyone who backs Kyoto, and all but the ‘Trio of evil, G.W., Howard of Australia, and Harper team. It is feeble, idiotic, and has about as much merit as does Harper’s spin that the opposition is ‘not respecting the will of the electorate’ because they won’t let him govern as a DICTATORSHIP.

Yes, it all those ‘liberal-minded’ people who are involved in the goal to destroy the earth. Ha, ha, ha. Get real.

There are many multinationals that are tied to the Extreme right wing, so many, they even have their Christian Right followers being put in charge of their operations in Canada as well. The money behind this group is unlike any other, ever.

It is the scientists who back Kyoto all over the world, but for the few who are ‘bought and paid for by the WH’ to discredit any kind of environmental positions worldwide.

Agree, remind. The right wing is the one we need to worry about. The Harper Party - G.W. connections go back way over 20 years in ‘their secret society’, with all but a few of the current Conservative party. That is more troublesome than where someone might have worked in their lives according to this rather ‘contrived piece of cherry-picked mud’.

Much of this 'phoney premise' is just pieced together from an article that is so clearly Pro-big businees, from an author who is so outrageously connected to the Right wing, groups that are Pro-Christian Right, and from groups that are so anti people’s rights, it is positively UNBELIEVABLE in it’s entirety.

Why don't you connect them all to 'sponge bob square pants too'? The right wing zealots ‘hate ol' bobby’ just as much.

And the premise is so funny. That's why Trudeau broke with everything that the Republicans wanted during his time in office, and did all in his power to make Canada completely independent and strong, brought in the Charter of Rights and freedoms. Yes, Trudeau was the 'real boogey man against the people'? How nuts is that?

Yet it is the Harper right wing who want to take away ‘the charter’, and it is this same right wing that wants ‘all out pollution’ in every direction in the world, and remove all people rights in favour of corporate domination over every law in the world.

Just last year G.W. approved 100’s of new coal fired plants in the U.S., while many here are trying to close them where ever possible. This is the bunch that is big oil, wants world-wide control of the whole oil industry ‘by force of WAR and by trickery’, all out proliferation of dirty coal, and much more interested in stopping any attempts to prevent global warming, including muzzling their own Nasa scientists.

Feeble hogwash to destroy the Kyoto Protocol, won’t hold the type it’s written with.

This same bunch put out calls all over the U.S. for employers to boycott gays from jobs, and set their evangelical zealots on a huge powerplay petition scheme to push people into ‘death by starvation’ just because they are gay. Talk about credibility.

McVety (and his HARPER CHRISTIAN RIGHT team) also tried to ‘remove equality in the workplace for gays’ in Canada with the Royal bank, Ford motor company, and a host of other companies. They failed here, thanks to the fight by some Canadians who oppose hate and discrimination. But these Right Wingers intend to succeed once they have total control.

That’s why they will bring in the RIGHT TO RELIGIONS ACT, so they can propagate hate against all minorities at will, using their ‘selectively deceptive’ biblical quotes as literal truth. This would undermine ALL of our HATE LAWS. People are not as gullible here, and the CR group does not have the clout in Canada to try to pull it off. However, if Harper has his way, they soon will.

Whatever truth there may or may not be to this story (by this research it is clear there is none), which is absolutely suspect in itself, is far outweighed by the right wing propaganda machine and their agenda. So obvious.

Better yet, who ‘leaked’ this so called secret RCMP/ CSIS report that states right in it “There may be slight errors in the text below due to the illegibility of the acquired document copy. Web page 1 of 2”. Ha,ha,ha,ha. Slight errors in the text, what about the whole scummy thing?

There’s some real errors in this Neo-Conservative leaked ‘propaganda’ story to discredit Kyoto. And what brought you to this unknown, hidden little article? It is a very obscure little piece of right wing propaganda. So suspect it pukes and reeks of misinformation. Kyoto is all bad, Right wingers all good? Hahaha.

And this from this VERY SUSPCIOUS NOTATION IN THIS so called leaked document:
"Note: pages are for the original document not on this HTML)"

What kind of crap is this whole scummy thing made of? It is completely spurious and should be condemned by everyone who has a brain. What are you? The right wing propagandist for the RepubliCon view?

If this article is your best attempt to discredit Kyoto, you have few friends in the entire world community that would agree with you. But the right wing, now that is where everyone has to worry, everyone on this planet. The referenced persons in this article are so full of it, it’s a disgrace to put this on babble.

Who is Ann Jane Gray? Only one article? Yes, very credible source, ha, ha, ha.

There are so many spurious connections made here that make no sense. People with a ‘freak Right Wing agenda’ using this format to make up crap, how can anyone trust this? If this is the big anti-Kyoto source you can come up with, it’s a pure joke. It’s pure RepubliCon lies.

What is the source of this blogger that appears out of nowhere, with no links, and no organization attached? Anyone can put anything like this out on a blog for really dirty reasons, and it is pure fabrication. EASILY OBVIOUS THAT THIS ONE IS FABRICATION FROM THE EXTREME U.S. RIGHT.

So, is this the so called big news source that you got this ‘questionable piece of muck’ from?
You’d better give a whole lot more information than this to back up this slanderous piece of junk, and your critique of Kyoto is very suspicious indeed.

[ 28 October 2006: Message edited by: happy go leftie (Red Tory) ]

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happy go leftie (Red Tory)
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posted 28 October 2006 08:09 PM      Profile for happy go leftie (Red Tory)        Edit/Delete Post

Got my curiosity up after reading this story, and just looking at the sources quoted as their basis. THIS WHOLE CONTRIVED THEORY DESERVES MUCH CLOSER REVIEW, so checked out the quoted sites and their authors:

The MAIN SOURCE to this Ann Jane Gray ‘piecing together of nonsense article’ that discredits Strong, Martin, and Rae is this one:

Article By Ronald Bailey Published in The National Review September 1, 1997

Mr. Bailey is a freelance journalist and television producer in Washington, D.C. He is author of “Eco-Scam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse.”

This is one of the sources of this persons research to produce this propaganda manipulation, ‘BIASED ALL TO HELL’ piece of crap: this article by Ronald Bailey describing prominent Canadians, liberals, Maurice Strong, and Bob Rae (their view of all those leftists in Canada) who was at the time considered an NDP (article was written in 1997). AUTHOR, RONALD BAILEY, AN AMERICAN WHO IS SELF-DESCRIBED AS:

Libertarian transhumanism is a political philosophy synthesizing libertarianism and transhumanism.

Self-described libertarian transhumanists, such as Ronald Bailey of Reason magazine and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, advocate the right to human enhancement in a free market economy.
Extropianism, an early school of transhumanist thought defined by philosopher Max More, used to include the promotion of a libertarian sociopolitical system, known as "spontaneous order", in its principles.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is a non-profit public policy organization founded in 1984 by Fred Smith. CEI's stated belief is that consumers are best helped not by government regulation of commercial interests, but by consumers being allowed to make their own choices in a free marketplace.

CEI is a think tank that is funded in large part by corporations and organizations interested in the focus of the CEI's work, including the Scaife Foundations, ExxonMobil, the Ford Motor Company Fund, Pfizer, and the Earhart Foundation. (More details below.) CEI cites its major issues of concern as Environmental Policy, Regulation and Economic Liberty, Legal and Constitutional, and Health and Safety. Among the methods used to implement the organization's agenda are various press releases and policy papers, testifying at governmental hearings, suits against various governmental agencies, paid advertizing, editorial and op-ed pieces, open letters, books, and NGO operations.
He has lectured at Harvard University, Rutgers University, McGill University, University of Alaska, Universite de Quebec, the Cato Institute, the Instituto de Libertad y Desarrollo (Chile), and the American Enterprise Institute."

In his 1993 book, Ecoscam and other works Bailey criticised claims that CFCs contributed to ozone depletion and that human activity was contributing to global warming.

>>>>The NATIONAL REVIEW (Republican) is hardly a leftist advocacy group, NOR IS THE SOURCE AUTHOR BAILEY BY ANY STRETCH, quite the contrary, Kate OBeirne and William F. Buckley etc.? Robert Novak? And the defenders of Rick Santorum, the most outspoken, dogmatic, literal biblical spokesperson of the Christian Right in the U.S. in Congress? Attacks on all Democrats.

The right wing that wants to eliminate any power like the UN that stands in the way of multinational control, and corporate free reign over the world, and most of all, U.S. Imperialism? Yes, we all subscribe to their ‘TRUTHS’. Like hell.

It is exactly the opposite of what this scheming article claims. It is the CR and the WH that is stacking all kinds of positions at the UN, in an attempt to remove all opposition to their world-wide control of all of the messages, and the entire mandate of the UN. While at the same time, claiming the UN is a useless organization ‘that wants to use peacekeepers’ in conflicts. These Right wing groups deplore that concept, and anything that stands in the way of their war agenda.

Bailey's reference quotes in this blog as warnings to America about Strong and the UN:

“Well, you should have. Militia members are famously worried that black helicopters are practicing maneuvers with blue-helmeted UN troops in a plot to take over America.”

“Yet his most prominent and influential role to date was as Secretary General of the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development -- the so-called Earth Summit -- held in Rio de Janeiro, which gave a significant push to global economic and environmental regulation.”

"He's dangerous because he's a much smarter and shrewder man [than many in the UN system]," comments Charles Lichenstein, deputy ambassador to the UN under President Reagan. "I think he is a very dangerous ideologue, way over to the Left."

”Sometimes, indeed, it seems that Strong's network of contacts must rival the Internet. To list a few:

-- Vice President Al Gore. (Of course.)”

“It's not a conspiracy, of course: just a group of like-minded people fighting to save the world from less prescient and more selfish forces -- namely, market forces. And though the crises change -- World War II in the Forties, fear of the atom bomb in the Fifties, the "energy crisis" in the Seventies -- the Left's remedy is always the same: a greater role for international agencies. Today an allegedly looming global environmental catastrophe is behind their efforts to increase the power of the UN. Strong has warned memorably: "If we don't change, our species will not survive. . . . Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse." Apocalypse soon -- unless international bodies save us from ourselves. ”

“It also recommended that "user fees" might be imposed on companies operating in the "global commons." Such fees might be collected on international airline tickets, ocean shipping, deep-sea fishing, activities in Antarctica, geostationary satellite orbits, and electromagnetic spectrum. But the big enchilada is carbon taxes, which would be levied on all fuels made from coal, oil, and natural gas. "A carbon tax," the report deadpans, ". . . would yield very large revenues indeed." Given the UN's record of empire-building and corruption, Cato's Ted Carpenter warns: "One can only imagine the degree of mischief it could get into if it had independent sources of revenue."

“The CGG was established in 1992, after Rio, at the suggestion of Willy Brandt, former West German chancellor and head of the Socialist International. Then Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali endorsed it. The CGG naturally denies advocating the sort of thing that fuels militia nightmares. "We are not proposing movement toward a world government," reassuringly write Co-Chairmen Ingvar Carlsson and Shridath Ramphal, ". . . [but] this is not to say that the goal should be a world without systems or rules." Quite so. As Hofstra University law professor Peter Spiro describes it: "The aim is not a superstate but rather the establishment of norm-creating multilateral regimes . . . This construct already constrains state action in the context of human rights and environmental protection and is on a springboard in other areas."

“THE Commission also wants to strengthen "global civil society," which, it explains, "is best expressed in the global non-governmental movement." Today, there are nearly 15,000 NGOs. More than 1,200 of them have consultative status with the UN's Economic and Social Council (up from 41 in 1948). The CGG wants NGOs to be brought formally into the UN system (no wonder Kenneth Minogue calls this Acronymia). So it proposes that representatives of such organizations be accredited to the General Assembly as "Civil Society Organizations" and convened in an annual Forum of Civil Society.”

“It also recommended that "user fees" might be imposed on companies operating in the "global commons."

“Among others: Thilo Bode, executive director of Greenpeace, to represent the scientific and technological community; Yolanda Kakabadse, the president of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature; and "from the farmers, I have chosen an organic farmer, Denise O'Brien from the United States, who is a member of the Via Campesina." In what sense are these people "representative"? Whom do they represent? Were the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of Toshiba, and the president of the Farm Bureau all too busy to come talk to the General Assembly?”

“The delegates were selected through a process based on national councils for sustainable development, themselves set up pursuant to the Earth Summit. Membership in these councils means that an organization is already persuaded of the global environmental crisis. So you can bet that the process did not yield many delegates representing business or advocating limits on government power.”

AND THE LINKS TO THIS SITE: and this was the link on this article ‘God governs the affairs of men’. This is a Christian Right propaganda article, and you cite this on babble? and this one “will you let them take your guns”. and this right winger ‘arguing against the separation of church and state”. ‘arguing for the impeachment of Clinton’ ad nauseum. ‘resistence to tyranny is obedience to God’. and this October 1998: The Energy Competition Act authorizes the restructuring of Ontario Hydro and the eventual opening of wholesale and retail electricity markets in Ontario. (Put in place by Mulroney to bust up our public utilities, and Flaherty / Harris crew then divied up our ‘paid for’ hydro assets in ‘thieving give away deals’ to big foreign corporations so they could gouge us on our ‘own utilities’ and take the control right out of the public’s hands, making huge profits for corporate thieves, and taking all consumer protections out of the equation? YES WE LOVE THIS RIGHT WING AGENDA PROPAGANDA. This bunch was against having public utilities that worked for the benefit of ‘our industry’, and ‘our consumers’in our own hands. AND YOU ARE AGREEING WITH THIS BUNCH OF THIEVING HOGLIARS?) And they’re (and you too?) against this reference KYOTO PROTOCOL in that article that demonstrates world leadership to save our planet? This is why they hate Strong, and Martin, and 'all those leftists in Canada'?

Then this article tries to connect Mulroney’s agenda to bust up public ownership of our own utilities, and sell them to foreign multinationals, and you think that somehow put into the same context should discredit anyone who ever had anything to do with our energy resources? Just completely misleading, and completely fabricated innuendo, and the spurious links of the people involved is massively unbelievable. All for the Right Wing's agenda to get rid of their opponents.

The author's connected to this article are AGAINST PEACE KEEPING in a huge way, against world wide attempts to reign in the globalized corporate power to pollute and destroy the planet with no checks and balances by the UN, in favour of ALL OUT CORPORATE FREE REIGN, against labour rights, against minority rights, women’s rights, in favour of CHRISTIAN RIGHT WING CHURCH RUNNING THE STATE. They were arguing for the impeachment of Clinton for an indiscretion which also at that same time forced tons of Republicans to resign for far worse sexual indiscretions, including Gingrich, and some of the highest level Republicans in Congress.

This group you are touting is also arguing PRO GUN LOBBY, and resistance to tyranny is OBEDIENCE TO GOD? This is republican HOGLIAR mumbo jumbo that ranks right up there with the rest of the Christian Right hogwash pumpers to the nth degree.

The links from person to person in this ‘insanely crafted’ piece of pure propaganda are so out of context, out to lunch, sick in the head, it’s unfreakin-believable.

If you are on the progressive side of this global fight, there is not one single thing here that even begins to represent TRUTH. It’s pure moronic Right wing LIES.

However (Bailey), says he has subsequently revised his views, stating in 2005 [1]
He has since recanted and now says (2005): Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up.

You must read about what this guy believed in at that time (in 1997), and despite admitting it is real more recently, he still dismisses Global Warming? This is who you think is a reliable critic of Kyoto? He now finally admits global warming exists, BUT DOES ANYTHING HE CAN TO PRETZEL HIMSELF to DOWNPLAY Climate Change to the max. He backs his ‘right wing’ friends in the corporate sector, by now claiming there's ‘nothing much to worry about’? Now this Bailey admits ‘global warming is real’, just like G.W. finally admitted it (no admission from Harper or Ambrose), but then he ‘NOW CLAIMS IT’S JUST REALLY EXAGGERATED’. This is sick.

No wonder he hated Maurice Strong and Paul Martin, and Bob Rae and everyone he quoted on what he calls “the left in Canada”.

Read about who this guy is, before you go trashing those he so demonizes on behalf of his lunatic Extreme right wing fringe, pro-capitalism, unfettered freedoms for corporations, and his entire agenda is to protect big business, no matter what the cost.

This may be your idea of idyllic journalism, but your friend Ann Jane Gray is not only unknown anywhere, but her blatant creation of a story that is cripplingly insane, the unknown, unlinked source of this supposed suspicious to all hell RCMP/ CSIS report, and her source agenda like Bailey etc., likewise completely full of it, that this article is the biggest piece of crap ever put on babble.

Who is this ‘unknown’ blogger? And what kind of nonsense do people have to stoop to believing? This is so overwhelmingly contrived, it’s a joke that beats all. This Ann Jane Gray is who? She suddenly appears as a blogger on this site for just this one extremely misleading & biased article? What kind of fool put this little scheme together? Ha, Ha, Ha, and then some.

The whole premise of this crap is to discredit the proponents of more involvement of civil societies, global environmentalists, international multilateralism, sustainable development, everyone on the left, into all future talks on Global Trade. YET YOU THINK THIS DICREDITS PAUL MARTIN, MAURICE STRONG AND BOB RAE? Totally and utterly laughable.

If these guys were in favour of reigning in corporate power, multinationals, the extreme destruction of this planet at will, and WERE FOR GIVING POWER TO THE NGO’s and UNIONS in this fight against globalization, you think they were ‘the bad guys’? Quite the contrary, these ARE the good guys in this fight.

No wonder when this was used in the last election to discredit Martin, we all fell for it. No one took the time to look at the agenda, or the facts, OR WHO WAS BEHIND THIS BIG LIE.


In fact as Canadians were fighting globalization in Quebec City, Martin was not allowed in the talks, but was outside demanding that civil society, environmental groups, labour, and civil society should be included in every element of the negotiations. And he was the bad guy? No, he was the guy ‘kept on the outside of these talks’ that this Right Wing Power Group would never allow to be Prime Minister of Canada, because the Harper (heavily promoted and pushed into power by U.S. right wing), was waiting in the wings to stop any progressive movement that the citizens of the world wanted. Get real, if you think this discredits Paul Martin. As for Maurice Strong, the Right wing wants all of his kind out of the UN, so they can control the whole damn world.

This blog writer and referenced supporters are pro ‘one God Christian Right rule’, pro-gun lobby, pro-corporate world dominance, anti-regulation of all industry, pro-pollution free agenda, pro RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN, anti-Kyoto, anti-civil rights, anti affirmative action, anti women’s rights, anti disabled rights, pro racial profiling, anti equal pay for work of equal value & equity pay for women, pro property rights for Industry over OUR natural resources and labour rights (like those Jamaican ‘free enterprise zones’?), and obviously back HARPER, as a condition of all this, and you think this discredits what these monsters call the left? What a disgrace that you put this on babble, without taking the time to source the proponents of this insidious, ‘malicious propaganda’.

Their labels are the anti-liberals of the world. These are deemed their ‘classical liberal views’, more enlighteningly known as ‘neo-liberalism’, ‘libertarianism’, and a host of anti people agendas all rolled into one. They HATE liberals on all sides. WE are all ‘liberals’ to them. But you think this is worth touting on this board as a slander against ‘ALL’ liberals in Canada? This is a disgrace to see this entire premise on babble.


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Who the Hell is this guy,Maurice Strong ?

He's more powerful than Canada's top elite political donkey's.

Do research on this guy and the connections are astounding.

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posted 28 October 2006 10:17 PM      Profile for Centerfield        Edit/Delete Post

Maurice Strong: Godfather of the international environmental movement

While unknown to the general public, the name "Maurice Strong" elicits strong emotions from people who understand the politics of the environmental movement.

To his fellow environmentalists, the septuagenarian Strong is a noble, unceasing activist for the "green" cause. Strong played a major role in organizing the path-breaking United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. Two decades later he was center-stage at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where he helped lay the groundwork for the Kyoto global warming treaty that mandates reductions in carbon dioxide emissions to combat an unproven global warming threat. This year the Bush Administration rejected the treaty citing its drastic impact on Western industrial economies and the unsettled science on global warming.

This guy stinks!!!!!!!!!!!! of coruption IMHO.

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Not as much as your sources.
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More from your quoted article:

To discredit Quebecers, with a distinctly ‘made in Alberta slant’ by the Right wing faction:

‘Charest has promised to lower taxes by $1-billion each year for five years. This is certain to raise the balance of transfer payments this rich province already receives at the expense of the rest of Canada.”

"Kyoto. Deterioration and increasing alienation of Western Canada. Control by the Franophones over federal jobs. Increased provincial spending on the forced francophonyization of the rest of Canada. Increased federal spending fruitlessly ramming French down the throat of the ROC."

"Why did the lame duck refuse to get involved in the war on Iraq?"

“Tales in the media report that during the run up to the Iraqi war, Jean Chretien had almost daily conversations with his nephew, Raymond. Raymond Chretien, was formerly the Ambassador to the US--a key posting plum. Raymond dirtied his drawers in the Bush/Gore election campaign when he stated that the Canadian government would prefer Gore. He was recalled in the ensuing uproar and posted to France. Another top plum! There it is reported that he has the ear of Chirac. The question must be asked: Who is running the country? Jean? Raymond? or Chirac?”

“Lester Pearson was the prime minister that received the Nobel Peace Prize--but that's another story!”

>>>> ANTI-QUEBEC TOO. Why don’t your American and Pro-American Conservatives in the Harper party mind their own damn business, and stop trying to force out those who would never agree with their extreme agenda?

ATTACK ON CHRETIEN WHO REFUSED DEMANDS FROM BUSH TO GO TO IRAQ? This makes him a lame duck? And an implied slur at Lester B. Pearson? This is really going too far. THIS IS EXTREME RIGHT WING CRAP.

And yet YOU think this is a reliable source?

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"DANIEL JOHNSON: Liberal [and Opposition] leader in Quebec Rose through the ranks of Power Corp. Key in delivering federal spending to Quebec based Power Corp. and other corporate welfare cases in the province"

“There are indications that Strong , Desmarais and their crones (under ghost corporate affiliates) are behind the current rash of buying of low grade coal mines in depressed nations to fuel these projects. But this is yet to be fully substantiated. Who would invest so massively in low grade coal when it was targeted as Kyoto taboo commodity?"

"an agreement which effectively will destroy their pal Desmarais' chief energy competitor (Alberta Nat Gas) and gave Power Corp investment in China coal /energy an enormous competitive advantage.”

>>>>MORE INUENDO AND SLANDER, in this completely contrived Extreme right wing drivel? Quebec welfare cases? SO YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE THIS HOW THE LIBERALS TRIED TO UNDERMINE ALBERTA GAS because they and the scientists and the whole world knew this was dangerous climate change that the U.S. & Harper right wing do not want implemented, but everyone else in the world does? This is unbelievable. This is a smear campaign with absolutely no truth to it. Not one of your allegations, or your sources are substantiated by anything, and they are all left hanging out in mid-air with very RIGHT WING EXTREMIST suspicious authors. That you don’t mind the many slurs against Quebec industries, and Quebec as a ‘welfare Province on the backs of Canada’ as this article implies quite outrightly, is also particularly telling about where YOU are coming from.


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Then your Right wing blogger quotes AS A SOURCE this quote you are using from Freak Duminion? This time there is no soft landing for this poster.

I cannot find a single thing redeemable about this poster, not a thing, and don’t even ask if he is the innocent little poster. This time it’s just plain misleading, and sick. The last guy was checked out and found to be not one of the most extreme, but you are a deceiver. NO MERCY FROM THIS END BETTER BE ASKED, THERE WILL BE NONE.

In this article the highlighted source of your entire quote under header 'energy potential’ is:



This is where your insidious fabrication came from? That you now call a QUOTE, with your own added comment inside the quote: FROM FREAK DOMINION?

>>> This time it’s going too far. Are you rbacon, member on Free Dominion since 2002 with 4296 posts? People here will definitely find that very interesting as well.

Is this you too? Quote: rbacon:

thread title: Former prime minister Trudeau's son leaves door open to political future

Posted: 10/ 20/ 06 10:45 am Post subject:

As a mentally disturbed young man, who never worked a day in his life for anything he has, he would fit right in with the rest of the Nutcases in the Liberal/New Dippers or Green Communist Party the GCP.....
If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. -- Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776--"If You Haven't Suffered Enough It Is Your God Given Right To Suffer Some More" Wm. Aberhart Alberta

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Originally posted by happy go leftie (Red Tory):


This is where your insidious fabrication came from? That you now call a QUOTE, with your own added comment inside the quote: FROM FREAK DOMINION?

>>> This time it’s going too far. Are you rbacon, member on Free Dominion since 2002 with 4296 posts? People here will definitely find that very interesting as well.

Is this you too? Quote: rbacon:

Tks happy go lefty, of course there is concerted effort being waged here by the freaks, some sounding oh so more reasonable than this poster, but they seemed to be given a loose rope, of course they will hang themselves as this one did.

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I'm having a hard time deciphering happy go leftie's posts because I can't tell what's a quote and what's happy's own words.

But I agree that FD crap really doesn't belong on babble, and that's the gist I seem to be getting here. I'm closing this.

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