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Author Topic: Bono at the Liberal convention
Babbler # 4520

posted 14 November 2003 09:05 PM      Profile for banquosghost     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Quite a speech. It started a minute after I got in the car for the drive home and the drive lasted long enough that I heard the whole thing. I turned the radio down when the music started cause there's really only one U2 song I care about and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be hearing it.

I especially like this line:"I'm going to be the biggest pain in his ass.A year from now he's going to regret tonight."

From: north vancouver, bc | Registered: Oct 2003  |  IP: Logged
Sara Mayo
Babbler # 3714

posted 14 November 2003 09:17 PM      Profile for Sara Mayo     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I saw the speech on TV, and frankly I wasn't that impressed. He was rambling, and disorganized, shuffling his papers, reading from his notes. He said some good things, but could have challenged Liberals more.

BTW, Bono did not play any music. It was Daniel Lanois who performed after Bono.

From: "Highways are monuments to inequality" - Enrique Penalosa | Registered: Feb 2003  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 2222

posted 14 November 2003 10:15 PM      Profile for minimal     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
So did Bono (whatever his real name is) get paid to endorse Paul Martin and if so how much? Or did he ask to be present at the Liberal convention to espouse his noble ideas or ideals? Or in their superinfatuation with this guy do the lefy bono fans just not care? I think he was paid like some kind of prostitute to endorse Paul Martin and thus curry favor (votes) from the rock fan crowd of Canadian society. Can someone actually tell me that he wasn't paid for that endorsation? This bono guy is out to make money and he will prostitute himself for causes which help him do that. Just go to the guy's website and pick up a shopping cart and pull out your mastercard.
From: Alberta | Registered: Feb 2002  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 1130

posted 14 November 2003 10:57 PM      Profile for oldgoat     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Bono got used. He got the new regime off to a nice spin, but the substance of what he said will be lost in the sands of time.
From: The 10th circle | Registered: Jul 2001  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 2777

posted 15 November 2003 12:07 AM      Profile for radiorahim     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Bono was "used" to make the flag of convenience sweatshop shipping tycoon look "cool" and "hip" and to guard his left flank.

Maybe the Canadian government has been a little bit better on African debt relief and the African AIDS crisis simply in comparison to other governments which have been so incredibly awful.

Bono hoped to use the platform to raise these very important issues but frankly I think they'll get lost in the shuffle as the tycoon sucks up to Washington.

From: a Micro$oft-free computer | Registered: Jun 2002  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 2230

posted 15 November 2003 12:26 AM      Profile for Mycroft_     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I doubt Bono got paid (except probably his expenses as well as with heavy flattery and being made to feel like he was considered IMPORTANT and taken SERIOUSLY by governments.)
From: Toronto | Registered: Feb 2002  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 835

posted 15 November 2003 12:29 AM      Profile for karenas     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I actually think it was an excellent speech, though I did wonder at the beginning if he was going to pull it off.

As for getting "used" I'm pretty sure Bono made a strategic calculation about whether the platform and leverage he felt he could gain was worth it, and decided it was. Don't know if I agree with him, but I'm not really critical of him for it either. I just hope he's right. I'd bet money that he's aware of Martin's full record, not in detail, but in general, and still decided to take the opportunity. That's politics, like he said, to get things done, sometimes you have to cooperate with people you don't like. You make decisions about when it's worthwhile to do that. Bono obviously thinks appearing at Paul Martin's coronation will help him ensure that life-saving drugs are made affordable to Africans and he judges that more important in this moment than critiquing Martin for his record on cutting domestic social programs, exploiting workers through CSL, and all the other very crappy things that he's done.

I was pretty sickened by the hooting of all the young Liberals on the floor in front, and I wished that the NDP could attract the same kind of profile that the Liberals are getting out of this appearance, but I don't blame Bono for his attempt to use Martin the way Martin is attempting to use him. And I really don't think it's about selling more records for Bono - there's way more efficient routes to that goal than speaking at a Liberal Party of Canada convention! I'm not a rabid Bono or U2 fan either - haven't bought one of their CDs for ages.

I also thought Bono's comments about the role Canada has played, and could play in reducing AIDS deaths, world poverty etc, were great. All in all pretty inspiring, I thought.

From: BC | Registered: Jun 2001  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 228

posted 15 November 2003 09:03 AM      Profile for Pimji   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Ditto for me Karanas

I too was able to listen while Bono spoke from his heart, as I was driving home.

I'm not sure why the negative comments regarding his lecture. Bono's invitation and presence is progress. I would even say a moment that will hopefully be remembered by Canadians, especially the ones to whom the lecture was directed. If they want votes and a person such as Bono can deliver them then so be it. Bono was the centre piece of the entire conference. People can feel envious or dissed but this doesn't, nor should it, change the messege.

When was the last time the message of drop the debt, cheap drugs to fight AIDS and income distribution made directly to the ears and eyes of the people who hold the purse?

There is no point in shooting this messenger. If some people on the left are denigrating Bono's presence, imagine what some on the right are thinking?

From: South of Ottawa | Registered: Apr 2001  |  IP: Logged
Puetski Murder
Babbler # 3790

posted 15 November 2003 02:28 PM      Profile for Puetski Murder     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I thought Bono had sold out before, but this is a new standard of selling out.

Did he even do his research before signing on to appear at the Liberal convention? Doesn't seem likely. Then again, I can't expect much from Rock Star politics.

From: Toronto | Registered: Feb 2003  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 2545

posted 15 November 2003 10:22 PM      Profile for 5strings     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
As much as I have felt that Paul Martin is slick, his rhetoric and intensity puts GW Bush in the bush leagues. It was quite interesting to hear and see Martin throw gas on the flames on Canadian nationalism. And if it ever caught on, which I hope to Hell it does, such that we see that Martin defends and promotes Canadian 'values' and not those of 'right-wing demagogues', our Imperial neighbour will proclaim him the antichrist, and precipitate armageddon within the new missle defense sheid.

Rock On Paul!

From: Totoland | Registered: Apr 2002  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 1308

posted 16 November 2003 12:41 AM      Profile for Bluto     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I would like to ask a question of the -- sorry, I don't know what else to call you -- deeply cynical individuals on this board who are currently heaping scorn on Bono for appearing at the Liberal leadership convention: how in hell do you expect anything positive to get started anywhere in the world? Who would you RATHER drew attention to debt relief and AIDS in Africa?

I too caught Bono's speech while I was driving home. In fact, I got home before he'd finished speaking, and I sat in my car for another 20 minutes, completely spellbound. I can't believe the messages that say he was incoherent! Could we have been listening to the same speech? He gave an overwhelmingly passionate and heartfelt speech, taking a lot of humourous potshots at his own celebrity along the way.

Here is a very wealthy celebrity (I'm still talking about Bono) who, because of his celebrity, is able to gain a platform and -- pardon my naivete -- do some good. What possible better use of celebrity can anyone think of than that? Bono and Bob Geldof have made a difference by focusing a lot of attention on Third World debt relief, and on AIDS relief in Africa. I'd like to ask the critics on this board "How have YOU helped ameliorate a global pandemic? What have YOU done to promote global equality?"

And to those who say Bono sold out, may I ask to whom or to what he sold out? Paul Martin?? Give me a break!

From: Left Coast | Registered: Sep 2001  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 4633

posted 16 November 2003 02:35 PM      Profile for babbler/dabbler        Edit/Delete Post
Bluto, I hope both of us were not momentarily duped.
I got to thinking about it later and wonder
did Bono ever give his .7% of his own heavty cash reserve, his personal GNP to the cause.

I have another concern about celeb causes
like Avon(pink ribbon campaign) and coke (support of schools) is it to sell product? In Bono's case he is aware of the number of people who will hero worship him and think by buying his music they are supporting his "cause" which may or may not be the case. He may benefit more than the Africans.

He did not mention any personal investment.

Second, when Ted turner gave $1 B to the UN it was for his pet projects... definately worthy but
what about all the other less "sexy" needs like clean water and sanitation not only in the 3rd world but in American ghettos.

I think I'll try to get answers to my own questions before I defend Bono's involvment.

From: Nova Scotia | Registered: Nov 2003  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 4520

posted 16 November 2003 03:15 PM      Profile for banquosghost     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
More salient questions might be:

Do *I* look for ways to stand up in the mainstream public square and talk about fair trade, AIDS in Africa or Third World debt elimination?

Do *I* give a percentage of my money to the causes I believe in whether or not I stand up and talk about them?

Do *I* put myself directly in the face of people who I know will likely mock and scorn me as insincere and self-serving but I do it anyway because *why* I do it is more important than the mock and scorn?

I don't like asking myself those questions.

From: north vancouver, bc | Registered: Oct 2003  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 4633

posted 16 November 2003 05:42 PM      Profile for babbler/dabbler        Edit/Delete Post
I agree banquosghost.
At the same time, we do have to be aware that we can all be tarred by a general skepticism, that "all those people" talk but what have they actually put into it? That can come back on the activist movement.

And it goes not only for what we contribute. It is how small is my imprint is on the earth.

I am so happy for this site because I learn stuff I would have no other way of knowing. And being a social creature, I have to walk the talk to feel comfortable here.

From: Nova Scotia | Registered: Nov 2003  |  IP: Logged
Puetski Murder
Babbler # 3790

posted 16 November 2003 08:50 PM      Profile for Puetski Murder     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Personally, my beef with Bono isn't so much the sincerity of his message and politics (he is probably very sincere, or at least more so than most).

If he was going to be all gung-ho about Canada, I wish he hadn't politically aligned himself. I really don't buy all that hogwash about Bono being a close personal friend of Paul Martin's.

If any party is going to devote themselves to eradicating third world debt, it isn't the Liberals. Heck, Paul Martin himself takes advantage of impoverished Liberia to further line his pockets.

Plus, Bluto, I do positive things for the world in multitudes. Things that Bono and Paul Martin would only do as photo ops.

From: Toronto | Registered: Feb 2003  |  IP: Logged

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