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Author Topic: NDP paralells with Avoda?
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posted 05 July 2002 05:29 AM      Profile for meades     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post

The divisions within the Israeli left have been
on open display at the annual conference of
the Israeli Labour Party.

Speakers at the
conference - which
opened on Monday in
Tel Aviv - were
sharply divided over
whether the party
should remain in the
governing coalition led
by Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon and his
right-wing Likud Party

With elections due in little over a year, the
Israeli Labour Party is suffering from an agony
of indecision.

The doves argue that by staying in Mr
Sharon's coalition government, the party has
lost its soul.

The pragmatists retort that, as long as they
share power, they can steer Mr Sharon away
from reckless adventurism - and that if they
pull out, Labour would languish in the political

For the moment, the pragmatists - led by the
new party leader, Defence Minister Binyamin
Ben Eliezer - have the upper hand, and so
Labour clings to Mr Sharon's coat-tails, looking
more and more rudderless and demoralised.

But [Sharon] also has an eye on Mr Ben Eliezer, who
is a political rival as well as a cabinet

Each man wants to show he has ideas about
peace, even though no one at the moment -
whether in Washington or Tel Aviv or Ramallah
- seems to have any credible plan for ending
the crisis.

hmmm... sound vaguely familiar?

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